El​-​Ron Br / New Techno (3)

by Keith Fullerton Whitman

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The first track here, in all 31:40 of it's variable-fidelity glory, was recorded in the Twisted Village shop on October 6th, 1996 by Wayne Rogers, then "restored" in the garage here in late 2016. It offers one of El-Ron's earliest gigs, premiering the newly whittled down duo formation of Ugo Fleischer-Michaelsen (Drums) & Bondo Smed-Vagn (Guitar, Electronics, Vocals). This was certainly the first time we played in Twisted Village, and it remains an early indicator of our sound; steeped in Fushitsusha, Skullflower / Ramleh, and the Scandinavian commune-psyche of Mecki Mark Men, Träd Gräs och Stenar and the like, all filtered through the two-man, pile-of-junk aesthetic of Hasil Adkins. The set begins with some errant electronics & the same "Prepared" lock-groove record loops utilized across the "Attention: Cats!" tracks, then proceeds into caustic bombard. There's even a nice slice of ca. 1996 in-store ambience at the tail-end; a few voices in there I still recognize to this day.

Ah, the memories come flooding back. Twisted Village really was a mythical place; I took an advance on my Tower Records paycheck the week that they opened, just to put a dent in my want-list. Aside from being pretty much the cultural hub for so many divergent scenes in the mid-late-90s Boston area, their in-store program was legendary; I remember seeing Ken Vandermark & Mats Gustafsson one week, then Stefan Jaworzyn the next. El-Ron used to rehearse in the back room; plenty of unreleased recordings from that era that I'll hopefully be able to get through in this series, time & interest permitting.

To give an indication of where my head was at at this particular point in time, the tape ends with three proto-Hrvatski numbers, the latter two of which, "Acrid Jazz" - listed here as "Jazz Repair" - and "Angry Drum Corpse", ended up on "Attention: Cats" with the former "Fuzz Bass D+B Seq" remaining unreleased until now.


released February 1, 2017



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Keith Fullerton Whitman Brunswick, Australia

"DAT era" is exactly what it says on the tin; the contents of one DAT tape will be posted each month, prorated by length.

Expect archival material by Hrvatski, DJ Hekla, Blitter, Gai/Jin, El-Ron, KFW, & more.

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