Harvard Concert 11​/​02

by Keith Fullerton Whitman

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One of the downsides of DAT maintenance is that they tended to get erased, entirely or partially, accidentally, frequently. A shame the second half of this tape was wiped out & I no longer have the alternate takes of the remixes of Oren Ambarchi's Sun, Jace "DJ /Rupture" Clayton, left-coast hip hop act Themselves, Japanese experimental electronic act No. 9, or the DJ Hekla & Hrvatski tracks & the Confusional Quartet flips that at some point occupied this tape (although the remixes at least live on as they were all commercially released & can be found on the respective Staubgold, TheAgriculture, Anticon, & Locust releases).

What we do get is a lovely concert of Live Electronic Music; one of the first truly post- Hrvatski sets, performed & recorded around the time I was looking to branch out from the pure laptop / "Playthroughs" systems into something else. The approach is somewhat peculiar in that there's actually no guitar on this, at all; the whole set, performed as an opening slot for Matmos' residency-concert in Harvard's Science Center, consists of real-time, Max-MSP processing of a reel-to-reel tape of instrumental & vocal improvisations - later cut up, very much in the mould of Anton Bruhin, and issued under the name "Fritz Dietl" on a Chocolate Monk disc - accompanied by a Sequential Circuits Pro One & an assortment of small music boxes, all run through a Max-MSP patch that extends the sounds spectrally into octaves & through time-based effects.

There's a bit of the soundcheck, then the full concert, then a raw transcription of the Webcor tape, recorded on site via microphone into the DAT machine.


released July 1, 2016



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Keith Fullerton Whitman Brunswick, Australia

"DAT era" is exactly what it says on the tin; the contents of one DAT tape will be posted each month, prorated by length.

Expect archival material by Hrvatski, DJ Hekla, Blitter, Gai/Jin, El-Ron, KFW, & more.

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