Live Generators

by Keith Fullerton Whitman

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The entirety of the "Live Generators (1)" private double-tape set on Protracted View, plus the two pieces from the Agents of Chaos tape "Live Generators (1.5)"


released July 11, 2010

Second Protracted View tape we’ve managed to stock (after the epic “Synth Night” set from last year; apparently there were another 38 releases in between this & that !!! wonder what they were ...) covering the first four “Generator” concerts from September & October of 2009.

After my initial, exploratory phase of performing music with only a (steadily growing) Eurorack modular synthesizer (as documented on the “Split Series” LPs on No Fun, Amethyst Sunset, ... and soon Dekorder, Amish, and others) I settled down with the “Generator” patch / system; a double 4-part canon (i.e. four sinewave oscillators and four pulse-width ones) that works with tuning & tracking inconsistencies across the various make & model of oscillator to yield, at first, a swarming/buzzing field of closely tuned intervals ... then an ear-piercing, “inside your head” wall of shrieking overtone movement.

Using this patch as a building-block, i started adding various sub-patches to modify the canons (recording them digitally at low bit-rates to emphasize the nyquist bleed, running them through a bucket-brigade for more harmonic congestion, filtering & frequency-shifting, etc...) as well as augmenting them with sounds from a commodore 64 emulator & even adding poly-rhythmic accents to “anchor” the piece. As these concerts show the piece in it’s infancy, it feels nice to have them all available in one place ... for me it’s a keepsake of this very busy month.

The label gave the go-ahead to architect this all-clear edition, with professionally duplicated / imprinted tapes housed inside the elusive “side by side” double norelco (went to hell & back trying to track these down ; wasn’t easy !!!) with two separate laser-transparency inserts (one 5” x 14” “cover”, then a 3.5” x 14” “insert”) ... and while the fidelity ranges from the crystal-clear board-capture (c/o the norman conquest) of the “on land” set to the room-sound video-mic gristle of the “i hear a new world” piece (c/o feeding tube’s ted lee) the tape-duping levels the playing field & all come across as a coherent whole.

Super happy with how this turned out; hope you enjoy!


aoc7028: keith fullerton whitman "live generators (1.5)" c40.

this tape needs no introduction. kfw has been killing it. two 20 minute live pieces showcasing keith's mastery at transformation of environment in real time! just mind blowing stuff here. great moment on the b side with an angry spectator yelling at keith.

all tapes are pro duplicated with imprinting & locally, professionally printed covers in full color.

limited edition of 100 copies. october 2010 release ; an extension of the “generator” series, documenting the final two “first generation” iterations of the piece, as recorded in the whitehaus basement (side a) and the starlab (side b) ...

the squawking rhythmic elements herein were supplanted by the use of actual drum sounds (well ; purpose-built “drum synths”) in further performances of the piece ; as such these are the two “gateway” versions ...


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